Who We Are



Whether you're looking for longevity, a lightweight machine for travel, professional work, academics, or other uses, our refurbished Apple computers will meet or exceed your expectations of a brand new machine.

Since 2013, our goal has been to provide the Apple experience at a fraction of the cost.  We have been proven to cost 50-70% less than new Apple machines and third party repair facilities.  We also aim to provide top-trade machines and continued support.

We also support business machine needs.  From consultation, maintenance, upgrade, and data transfer, we are able to provide a minimal cost solution for a fleet of machines, all while maintaining a modern advantage.  

Your factory reset machine will have the latest operating system and firmware available and our large parts inventory allows us to complete 80% of our repairs within 6 hours.  As a complimentary service, we will safely and securely transfer your data from your old machine to your new machine purchased from Double Dex.

We are one of the highest rated and most trusted vendors in the country on Amazon and eBay, are dedicated to our customers, and want to continue to be your source of refurbished Apple machines.  We purchase our computers from large, reputable and reliable wholesale suppliers who have verified their history; thoroughly testing and inspecting each machine. We install a new: hard drive, memory, and/or battery, when applicable. Other parts we may have replaced to improve the quality are the: DVD drive, screen, keyboard, drive cable, and/or other components. Note: It’s not possible to change components on MacBook Air and Retina machines. 

And as a part of our Green Promise we try to do our part in recycling, reusing, and reducing waste.  By buying and selling refurbished machines, it lowers the number of new machines needed in the market.  All parts that are broken or not needed for cosmetic reasons are responsibly recycled or sold throughout our refurbished process.



What’s different about us from your normal Apple reseller? 

Instead of selling you an untested used system with old parts and an outdated OS, we take our machines to the next level.  With customizable configurations you have the option of maximizing their memory to 8GB or 16GB, adding up to 1 TB of Hard Disk Drive, Solid State Drive, or Solid State Hybrid Drive disk space (dependent on machine), and a brand new OS install.  All machines come excellent battery condition and good to near-perfect physical condition.  We upgrade these machines to their full potential. 

Our Double Dex Certified Technicians go through intensive, extensive, rigorous training in order to properly identify, troubleshoot, repair, and refurbish parts and computers. 

All our machines receive a comprehensive 30-point inspection, Double Dex Warranty, and come with a brand new authentic MagSafe power adapter.


The Optimal Customer Experience

Apple machines are worth the extra money over their Windows-based counterparts – they take the pain out of working with computers — but new machines are not cheap. Why spend $2000+ at Apple on a brand new machine when you can have a machine for half the price with better specifications?

We handle each of our products with care, each package is tracked to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Speedy, yet meticulous production followed by safe and expedited shipments.

We appreciate our customers and provide prompt, satisfying customer support options.

Free and easy Customer and Technical Support.

It’s that simple.



We acquire our machines and parts from a certified and trusted Apple distributor.

All parts and machines are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized upon reception.  They also receive a comprehensive 30-point inspection and are tested. 

We, then, take these machines and breathe new life into them, boosting their performance to their maximum potential.

Upon shipping they are again thoroughly tested, cleaned, and inspected.

All unused parts are responsibly recycled via our Green Promise.