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15" MacBook Pro

Macbook Pro 15 Inch Refurbished | Deals on Refurbished 15" Macbook Pro

At Doubledex, you can buy MacBook Pro 15-inch laptops for sale at a great price in Good to Excellent condition. What's different about us from your normal Apple reseller?  We don't just put the machine on a shelf and sell it to you as-is with an old unreliable drive, bad battery, and an outdated operating system with passwords you don't know.  We take our machines to the next level, breathing years of new life into them, by installing new hardware and doing a comprehensive 30 point inspection, which includes the following:

  ◦    Check the machine's background to ensure it's not stolen

    ◦    Test every piece of hardware as a user

    ◦    Test every piece of hardware using the Apple Hardware Test

    ◦    Replace any malfunctioning components

    ◦    Thoroughly clean the interior of any dust and debris

    ◦    Install brand new, fully tested high-quality memory that maximizes the machine's specifications

    ◦    Install a brand new, high-quality faster hard drive with significant storage capacity

    ◦    Replace the battery as necessary with authentic Apple replacements, with significant life left

    ◦    Re-install the latest operating system, OS X Yosemite, cleanly and add a suite of helpful apps.

    ◦    Include and test a brand new authentic Apple MagSafe power adapter with appropriate wattage

    ◦    Test everything again and back it up with a 30 day warranty

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