13" MacBook Pro

Refurbished MacBook Pro 13”

Double Dex MacBook Pro Refurbished Apple Laptops are the perfect choice for users who are looking for combined mobility and power. With a Refurbished MacBook Pro 13”, you get a mid-level machine with integrated graphics, perfect for tasks like streaming content, word processing, and computer programming or coding. It is an ideal machine for any student, including those who are distance learning, or those who work-from-home, work remotely, or just prefer a strong machine for casual computing.

Considered an excellent machine for creative tasks – it is the best laptop for photo editing, photography, and graphic design - that still retains a compact form factor but more power than your traditional travel-sized laptop. Powered by integrated Intel graphics chips, the Retina display is crisp and clear.  Double Dex 13" MacBook Pro Refurbished units are the perfect balance between power and mobility, and a bang-for-your-buck machine.

An Apple MacBook refurbished by Double Dex means you can find all of the above, and everything in-between, but for a fraction of the cost of going with a new machine from Apple.  Our refurbished Apple laptops provide top-notch performance and longevity, but above all, excellent value – and they all include a 6-month At-Cost Repair Warranty from the date of purchase. 



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