Refurbished Apple Laptops

We sell a wide range of Refurbished MacBook Air, Refurbished MacBook, and Refurbished MacBook Pro laptops.  With a large variety of machines and configurations, you’ll be sure to find a Double Dex Apple laptop that fits your specific needs. 

When looking for a high quality machine with excellent performance, usability, and features, an Apple laptop is the top-tier choice.  With our selection of MacBook Air Refurbished, MacBook Refurbished, and MacBook Pro Refurbished laptops, you can configure a computer such as the MacBook Air 11”, considered the best lightweight laptop for travel.  If you’re looking for more power because you want the best laptop for video editing or the best laptop for music production, you can go with a MacBook Pro 15” equipped with a Dedicated Graphics Chip, which boosts performance for your creative endeavors. 

An Apple MacBook refurbished by Double Dex means you can find all of the above, and everything in-between, but for a fraction of the cost of going with a new machine from Apple.  Our refurbished Apple laptops provide top-notch performance and longevity, but above all, excellent value – and they all include a 6-month At-Cost Repair Warranty from the date of purchase. 

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