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Refurbished Mac Mini

Double Dex Mac Mini Refurbished Apple desktops are the ideal option for those who need an updated desktop with an extremely small footprint. It is the perfect refurbished desktop to be used as a dedicated family computer for entertainment, schoolwork, or office work. And with its Thunderbolt and HDMI ports, you can attach it your favorite monitor or TV to be used as a screen. It also supports extending your desktop with its multiple video inputs.

When it comes to budget used Mac Mini desktops, Double Dex provides options to configure your machine to fit in your price range. With either a traditional hard disk drive, solid state drive, or solid state hybrid drive, you have options when trying to stay within budget. Because of its modest price range, it also serves as the best desktop for personal use – performing very well for distance learning, online classes, or work-from-home. Whether you’re listening to music, watching movie files, streaming Netflix, Twitch, or YouTube - this is the perfect machine for use as a media center.

An Apple refurbished desktop from Double Dex means you can find all of the above, and everything in-between, but for a fraction of the cost of going with a new machine from Apple. Our refurbished Apple desktops provide top-notch performance and longevity, but above all, excellent value – and they all include a 6-month At-Cost Repair Warranty from the date of purchase.



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