Welcome to Double Dex!

Published by Jonathan Garrucho on Dec 18th 2019

Welcome to Double Dex

In 2014, after a long tenure at George Lucas' (now Disney-owned) Industrial Light and Magic, working on franchise films such as Avatar, Avengers, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars, Star Trek, Transformers, and much more, John Sigurdson discovered that his genius could be applied elsewhere - repairing and refurbishing Apple computers at an affordable price.  John discovered that he could help people with their Apple computer issues by repairing or building systems that were competitive with Apple's newest machines, but affordable.  This meant people could get the performance they were looking for at much below Apple's retail pricing.  Soon, John's operation grew, and one by one, he converted like-minded individuals to his cause.  Moving his business from Austin, Texas to Sacramento, California lead to a growth in staffing, bringing our total number to twenty. 

This diverse collection of individuals provides a large variety of expertise and points-of-view that make us more in-tune with customer needs.  It isn't all about profit margins with us.  Our goal is always to provide the customer with a machine they are happy with and that fits all their needs.  Why place you in a machine that doesn't achieve the benchmarks you find important, or is way more powerful (and thusly expensive) than what you actually need?  This is why it is important to carry a large variety of machines from a wide range of years, along with their compatible parts - so that we can get you what you actually need.  Providing Apple consumers with an affordable option to upgrade, repair, or purchase machines that aren't offered by Apple any longer is where Double Dex shines. Our efforts help to minimize the creation of new electronics that create large amounts of waste, and even worse, e-waste, by refurbishing machines back into perfect working order, is known as our Green Promise, and something very important to us.  We have staff from all walks of life and our customers reflect that.  Through online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Overstock, Walmart, and even our website and local customers, we strive to provide computers and services that leave you feeling comfortable and confident with your purchase. 

Not everyone can afford a new Apple machine, and just like a car, your computer can go through issues that cause it to function abnormally, or become non-functional altogether.  Sometimes that repair bill is too high for our current personal financial obligations and we're left without an item we need to remain productive.  For some who use their machines as part of their own personal business, these machines are their livelihood.  What makes this especially difficult is that Apple has taken steps to penalize those who decide to take their machines to third-party repair facilities, even the facilities themselves.  By soldering down upgrade-able chips (thusly removing the ability to upgrade later), limiting their warranty, and adding software locks to their systems, and paired with their status as a leading computer and electronics manufacturer, they have moved to the forefront of the conversation about the right to get your electronics - that you own, repaired, and at a facility of your choosing.  This conversation has reached Congress (known as The Right to Repair Act) and slowly, states such as California, are protecting its consumers from these aggressive tactics taken by companies like Apple and Microsoft.  This is an in-depth topic, and something we plan on exploring in a future post.

Along with The Right to Repair Act, we plan on covering topics such as our favorite programs and applications to use for things like Audio Production, Graphic Design, Animation, 3D Modeling and Printing, Basic and Student-use, Gaming, Video Editing, Photo Editing, Programming/Coding, and the machines we carry that will provide these functions without losing a beat.  We will also cover topics like how to pick the right machine that fits your needs, dissecting machines, tips and tricks to get the most out of your machine or fix minor bugs, and more!  We also plan on doing interviews with professionals in these industries - providing industry insight into the machines they use, why those machines are useful, pitfalls, and just general conversation.

We hope our first post was informational!  We hope you learned a little bit about us, what we do, and why we do it.  If we can't be your one-stop Apple shop, we hope you stop by from time to time to see what we're writing about.  We want to provide honest points-of-views for our customers and friends.  Maybe in time you'll become a part of the Double Dex family!

Thanks for reading!  Stay tuned and feel free to join us on this wild ride!