Buying, repairing, and upgrading an Apple computer while Apple Stores are closed

Buying, repairing, and upgrading an Apple computer while Apple Stores are closed

Published by Jonathan Garrucho on Sep 2nd 2020

While we all await further instruction from local, state, and federal government officials, social distancing and stay-at-home orders seem to be the new normal. While state departments and corporate entities are telling their staff to work from home, students in pre-school all the way to college are also staying at home and distance learning. Only those that provide an essential service are allowed open. This has lead to a downturn for family-run brick-and-mortar stores across the nation. While citizens are expected to take extra precautions through the year, it has become difficult to acclimate to this new lifestyle. While in-person shopping has been limited, online retailers are having trouble keeping up with shipping out large shipping volumes. Thankfully, we have a strong-willed staff dedicated to getting these machines out to the people that need them for work or school.

"[Their devices] are still trapped at their preferred Genius Bar until Apple decides to re-open their doors"

Meanwhile, Apple stores are closed and customers are left without the ability to get their systems repaired or make new purchases. According to a memo sent to Apple employees and obtained by Bloomberg, all retail stores will remain closed until early May, and will continue to monitor local conditions for each store, including following guidance from their local governments and public health experts. What was originally announced as a March re-opening, post-poned to April, has now be pushed back even further. A likely result already plagueing some customers is that their machines like MacBooks, iMacs, and other devices they made need for working from home, or required for distance learning, are still trapped at their preferred Genius Bar until Apple decides to re-open their doors. Although Apple addressed how they will proceed with new purchases and repair requests while their brick-and-mortar stores are closed, it still leaves many of their customers without a solution. This is one of the reasons Double Dex remains open - to support Apple users who need this precious resource to continue with their lives while we're ordered to remain indoors and away from one another.

"We supply products needed for people to work from home"

When it was announced that Sacramento residents would be ordered to stay at home, we were on the fence about whether to temporarily close the business or to continue serving the community. With major examination and discussion, especially with daily updates from Sacramento County, it was decided that we would remain open and follow the guidelines to keep staff, clients, and customers, as safe and unexposed as possible. It turns out, we're a lot more important during this pandemic than we originally thought. According to the Sacramento County Public Health Order we are considered an Essential Business because we supply products needed for people to work from home. Many State Agencies in California are directing their workers to use their personal computers for work if the department cannot provide them a work computer, while parents and students are expected to use their personal machines for distance learning. With major companies like Apple required to shut down simply because of how large they are, and their customers unable to repair or retrieve their computers, we are stepping in to fill the void and support Apple users.

At Double Dex we repair, refurbish, and upgrade all members of the Apple computer family - MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, MacBook Pro Retina,iMac, Mac Mini, and Mac Pro. And we don't just service Sacramento - we are one of the highest rated and most trusted vendors in the country on Amazon and eBay, are dedicated to our customers nationwide, and want to continue to be your source of refurbished Apple computers. We carry Apple computers for a range of uses, including work, school, streaming Netflix or HBO, home office, music production, video production, graphic design, the list goes on! We also support business machine needs. From consultation, maintenance, upgrade, and data transfer, we'll take are of you! We also have used and like-new Apple peripherals such as chargers, keyboards, and mice. We're also here for any repairs your system may need. Schedule a repair with us that's convenient for you!

Double Dex is here to support all of those who are working from home or remote learning during these uncertain times. Our refurbished Apple computers offer great value, and we also offer quick turnaround and great pricing on repairs and upgrades if your current machines is having an issue. If you are replacing an older Apple machine we can usually offer a trade in credit against your purchase. All our machines receive comprehensive 30 point inspection, Double Dex warranty, and come with a brand new authentic MagSafe power adapter. We treat all systems with the utmost care and will ensure that your system is cleaned and sanitized before returning it. Call or email us today to inquire about a repair, purchase, trade-in, or upgrading your system. If you don't see what you're looking for on the website, please give us a call! We're open 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Double Dex is here for you!

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