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About Us

We strive to provide the Apple experience at a fraction of the cost. We're an Apple product reseller that specializes in upgrading and refurbishing MacBook Pros, MacBook Airs, MacBooks, and Mac minis with specifications that meet or exceed new machines.  We strive to provide the Apple experience at a fraction of the cost.
Want some peace of mind buying directly from us?  We think our near perfect eBay and Amazon feedback speak for themselves.


What’s different about us from your normal Apple reseller?  Instead of selling you an untested used system with old parts and an outdated OS, we take our machines to the next level.  By maximizing their memory to 8GB or 16GB, adding a minimum 500GB hard drive(SSD/SSHD), brand new OS, ensuring excellent battery condition and good to near-perfect physical condition we upgrade these machines to their full potential.  All our machines receive comprehensive 30 point inspection, Double Dex warranty,  and come with a brand new authentic MagSafe power adapter.

The Optimal Customer Experience

Speedy, yet meticulous production followed by safe and expedited shipments.

We appreciate our customers with prompt, satisfying customer support options.

We handle each of our products with care, each package is tracked to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Apple machines are worth the extra money over their Windows-based counterparts – they take the pain out of working with computers — but new machines are not cheap. Why spend $2000+ at Apple on a brand new machine when you can have a machine for half the price with better specifications?
It’s that simple.



We acquire our machines and parts from a certified and trusted Apple distributor.

Macbook Air, Macbook Pros, Macbooks, and Mac Minis. We acquire each of these used Apple machines from a certified and trusted distributor.

We, then, take these machines and breathe new life into them and boost their performance to their max potential.


Monday through Friday
9am - 5pm

5290 Elvas Ave. Suite A
Sacramento CA 95819

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